Motherlove Massage brings a unique abdominal massage to Central Florida. By Lauren Hodges

Many cultures have contributed to the art of massage as medical treatment, including the Maya people, who developed a technique useful in both prenatal and postpartum care called the Arvigo Maya massage.

“Maya abdominal massage opens the five systems of flow: lymphatic, venal, nervous, arterial and chi [energy] to create stability in the body,” explains Pam Guldi, owner and principal therapist of Motherlove Massage in Winter Springs.

Recognizing many women’s concerns about infertility and hormonal imbalances after she became a licensed massage therapist in 1992, Guldi traveled to Belize, where she studied Maya abdominal massage, particularly how it can be used to realign the uterus.

“The uterus is the center of a woman—if it is out of alignment, life is out of alignment,” Guldi says. Where modern medicine has limited treatment options when the uterus is tilted, Maya massage can help to potentially move it back into place, reviving the body’s natural balance.

The technique is less “far out” than one might think, addressing common female conditions—including those related to the reproductive, digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, urinary and nervous systems—by applying ancient Maya healing practices to the study of the ligaments, joints and muscles. The massage relieves congestion and blockages to improve the flow of chi (energy) and fluids; it’s also known to help slow the progression of chronic disease.

After she takes a comprehensive health history exploring factors such as water intake, sleep quality and stress levels, Guldi leads her client into a tranquil room scented with mint and lavender. She combines traditional massage and gentle pressure across the abdomen in key areas during a session that can last from 30 minutes to two and a half hours, depending on the case. She also teaches her clients techniques they can use at home—an important aspect of healing and prevention.

Currently, Guldi is one of the few professionally trained massage therapists qualified to administer this type of care in Florida. She works closely with her clients’ primary caregivers to ensure safety and open dialogue between traditional medicine and holistic therapy.

Vicki Robbins, 57, is a registered nurse and certified lactation consultant and childbirth educator for Florida Hospital who felt that, after giving birth to five children, things were no longer“in place.” She had a tilted uterus and her pelvic floor was weak despite several months of pelvic biofeedback therapy. After doctors suggested surgery, Robbins sought help from Guldi. She was astounded at the immediate results. “The pressure and discomfort seem to have disappeared,” she says. “I feel lifted and tighter in the pelvic and abdominal area.”
Having been in the business of babies and reproduction her entire life, Robbins responded to the Maya massage with enthusiasm. “I think it helps with placement and flow to get things working optimally to be able to conceive. If it did these little things for me … imagine.”

Motherlove Massage is located at 1073 Willa Springs Drive, Suite 1009, Winter Springs.