Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage


Preparing your womb for conception is a journey into deepest self, a journey to wellness. I’m here to help you on the journey whether you choose to be naturally or medically assisted.  Though maya massage by itself is not a ‘cure’  for infertility, the correction of muscular & myofascial distortions of the spine and pelvis often lead to improved nervous system function. Because the nervous system directs the activities of the reproductive organs, improved nerve flow can allow organs to function optimally, therefore improving fertility conditions. In addition, balancing the musculoskeletal structures of the pelvis can improve circulation, peristalsis, and the overall vitality of the reproductive system. Many women also experience less anxiety and tension when receiving maya abdominal massage and consider it an important part of a harmonious mind-body connection.

Research has shown that 1 in 6 couples experience challenges getting pregnant. Often the cost and time commitment of reproductive technologies limits many couples choices not to mention the invasive procedures that most women would like to avoid. Fertility massage provides a natural, non-invasive option for fertility enhancement at a fraction of conventional medicine prices.

Many of the women I see are beyond stressed and overwhelmed. Charting menstrual cycles and tracking ovulation has taken over their lives. Stress is one of our worst enemies for hormonal balance yet many women are caught in this viscous cycle.

During our session we will take a close look at natural options used to increase fertility, reduce stress, relax the nervous system and create balance in your overall well being. We ask that you commit to a minimum 1 to 3 month protocol of Arvigo Techniques  of maya abdominal therapy to help your body find its optimal state of well being. After a thorough intake and assessment we move into the bodywork part of the session, afterwards I will teach you several self care techniques that you will find beneficial throughout your life. Please fill out the intake form in entirety and bring to your session.


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