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PreNatal  Massage

Prenatal massage addresses muscular tension, continuous posture shifts, pelvic tension, and creating more space for baby’s proper alignment. Massage after 20 weeks is performed in a side-lying position to ensure mother's and baby's safety. After prenatal massage, many women report feeling immediately lighter and more comfortable in their bodies and decreased joint pain and swelling in their hands and feet.

1 hour - $80
90 minutes - $120
Purchase 5 save 10%  , purchase 10 save 15%



Postpartum Massage

The birth of the baby also means the birth of a woman as a new mother. Postpartum massage helps integrate your birth experience while recreating integrity in your soft tissue and structural body so that you can take on the physical challenges of motherhood. Daily tasks such as breast feeding, carrying baby and possibly lifting other children become less of a burden with massage therapy.

1 hour - $80
90 minutes - $120
Purchase 5 save 10% , purchase 10 save 15 %


Deep Relaxation

This massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue while creating a deep sense of relaxation and spiritual connection.

30 minutes - $50
1 hour - $80
90 minutes - $120
2 hours - $150
Purchase 5 save 10% , purchase 10 save 15%


Thai Yoga/ Barefoot Shiatsu

A blend of traditional shiatsu and Thai massage techniques create a rhythmic dance of compressions, stretching and deep breathing that leaves the body rejuvenated and alert while being deeply relaxed.This massage takes place on a Thai yoga mat on the floor. Please wear loose clothing without buttons or zippers.

75 minutes - $95

purchase 5 save 10% , purchase 10 save 15%


Scar Tissue Release

Burns, Mastectomies, Cesarean birth, other surgeries:
Scar tissue is our bodies way of protecting an area after an injury. Whether your scar is many years old or more recent, massage therapy (specifically myofascial release) is extremely beneficial for improving range of motion, giving integrity to the surrounding muscles and tissue and reducing the scars appearance. Self care instructions are included to benefit you between sessions.  Schedule as Massage Therapy 30 min.


30 minutes- $50


Hot Stone Massage

The use of hot stones for healing dates back to ancient times. Heated, smooth basalt stones are either placed on key points of the body or used in a more traditional massage fashion. The heat penetrates into deeper muscle layers, melting stress for a long lasting effect. It is well suited for people who have muscle tension but prefer a lighter massage.

75 minutes - $130


Cupping therapy is extremely beneficial to remove stagnation (an accumulation of toxins) from muscle tissue. A variety of cups may be found at Motherlove, including traditional glass fire cups, plastic vacuum cups and manual silicone cups that allow for easy movement and are often incorporated into the massage session. Add to any session.

Additional - $20