Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy, most often referred to as Yoni Steam or V-Steam

Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy is a new term, coined by Kelly Garza of Steamy Chicks, for the ancient tradition of vaginal steaming.  There's been a lot of hype around this current trend but really, this form of healing is nothing new to women.

Motherlove Massage proudly offeris the ancient art of bajos or vaginal steam bath. Enjoy the use of a traditional Korean steamer in privacy, with a partner or gathered with your closest ladies. A small cup of water and herbs heat under a disposable seat with a heat adjustable control. Each steam is hand prepared with an herbal remedy specific to your needs. Enjoy a meditation or music and herbal teas while benefiting from the healing properties listed below. 

If you are also having an Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy Session, please fill out intake form and bring it to your appointment.

Benefits of yoni Steam

  • Healing after birth or miscarriage
  • Relief from menstrual cramps
  • Increased circulation for fertility
  • Vaginitis, BV
  • Episiotomy scar healing
  • Improve perineal tone for prolapse
  • Relief for hemorhoids
  • Relief for vaginal dryness and menopause symptoms

Herstory of The Vaginal Steam Bath, Bajos, Yoni Steam, Bertangas

The vaginal steam bath is actually eons old and is seen in almost every indigenous culture and many Eastern cultures as a routine ritual for women's health. It is commonly used in almost all of the Caribbean, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. In each region of the globe local native plants and flowers are used for their soothing, energizing and even antiviral/antibacterial properties. I once had a young Korean college student working with me at the spa. When she saw the Diana Steamer she recognized it at once and said "Wow, my grandmother and aunt have those at their homes in Korea. They're always using that thing." It was so fun to hear her memory of steams being commonplace in her home country.

After Birth use: In many regions women put the steam baths to use after giving birth. It is part of the traditional remedy to get back energy, health, and pelvic tone after birth. In Haiti, for instance, women are instructed to do a vaginal steam with herbs every day for 2 weeks after birth to tone and heal the pelvic floor and completely clear the uterine lining. For this reason, we recommend all women also consider a series of vaginal steams after a miscarriage or D&C. 

It is used regularly to soften scars associated with childbirth or pelvic surgery in the perineum.

Pelvic tone for all women: The healing properties of steam and herbs bring blood flow, circulation, and nourishment to the pelvic floor and perineum. Regular use promotes pelvic rejuvenation in prolapsed organs and toning of the muscles of the perineum.

40 minutes - $45

Save $40 on package of 4 steams ~ $140