Pam Guldi is the best massage therapist! Every experience I have with her is different and custom to my needs at the time. She is incredibly intuitive and compassion. She has so much experience and knowledge in what she does and is continuously finding more ways to educate herself. Her passion and love for what she does shows in her work and embodies everything she does. Everybody should go to her. She will help you in whatever stage of life you are in. I would especially recommend every woman who wants to get pregnant, is pregnant, or has ever been pregnant to see her now. She is amazing in every way.

Lisa B. 


Through the powers that be, I found Pam! My OB/GYN mentioned offhand that abdominal massages helped another patient of hers, and that I should look into it myself. At first, the only place I could find matching that description was in another city, until my acupuncturist recommended Pam to me. Lo and behold, she was here and available! The Maya Abdominal massage has helped me VASTLY improve my quality of life and movement since my surgery almost two years ago. Pam has provided me with very clear self-care instructions in order to maintain my treatment at home. What I also loved is that she described a future plan that would incorporate my medical care, as well as her therapeutic assistance, all working as a team. 

Kim C.